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Be a Hunger hERO



 Here at the Community Resource Center we are one big family , one family that has noticed a need in the community and stepped in to fill the void. Like any family we are always excited to welcome new members.  Feel free to just show up if you have extra time and check it out. We can use individuals and groups. Check out our schedule using the button below and see what works best for you. 



We have all been there, we've all hit a rough patch in life. Here at the Community Resource Center we strive to be the helping hand to people in need. Serving 600-800 families a month it can sometimes be a struggle to keep up with the demand. We are only able to help people when you help us. Even the smallest contribution goes farther than you think.


Plan a food drive.

Do a birthday fundraiser on Facebook for CRC Chattooga.

Challenge you friends to donate. 


In Person

We always love to see a bright smiling face!


50 Eleanor Ave

Summerville, Ga 30747

Donate online anytime!


Make checks out to

CRC Chattooga

P.O. Box-222

Summerville ,Ga 30747

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