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Esther Manor 


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Flourish Foster Care and Support

Grace & Joy Room

Community Resource Center of Chattooga

The main focus of CRC is to put food in the hungry bellies of people in our community. Serving 600 families every month and continuing to grow. 

Flourish will be opening a foster care closet for our area at Esther Manor. This closet will help fill the need for clothing when foster children enter care as well as other times in their journey. Flourish will also help guests of CRC Chattooga that are going through crisis. At Esther Manor, Flourish will have some very needed storage space to fill more needs of their families. 

Esther Manor is please to include in our services a Grace and Joy room. The Grace and Joy House provide a place for kids to hang out in a home environment when they are first removed from their parents. The Grace and Joy room will provide an easier transition and will have showers and laundry services available if needed. 

Together We Are Esther Manor

Esther Manor will house 18- to 25-year-old young women who have aged out of foster care or are homeless. The Esther Manor housing program will provide a safe, stable, and encouraging place for young women. Residents will be allowed to stay for up to two years. During that time, the responsibility of the resident will increase until they are prepared to transition into the community

Another integral part of Esther Manor will be offering soft and hard skills training to both the residents of Esther Manor and to the guest of the Community Resource Center. We will be covering things such as meal planning, creating a resume, communication skills and many more.

Meet the A-Team

We are so excited and humbled by what God is doing in each of our lives. His hand is on all of these ministries! Just like in the story of Esther it is by His orchestrating our lives that we have been brought together for such a time as this! I am thrilled to introduce to you the A-Team of Esther Manor:

(From right to left)

Angela Hutchins of CRC Chattooga

Aimee Larsen of Flourish

Amanda Gillean of Grace and Joy House

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