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18th Birthday

What did you wish for on YOUR 18th birthday?

A new car? A dinner out with your family? A relaxing vacation on the beach? 

For too many young women they find themselves hoping for a place to sleep, a job, even food to eat.

Jessica, like many others in foster care never returned to her family. She was bounced around foster and group homes all through her teen years. She was told she was "not adoptable", Then for her 18th birthday she was given a stack of paperwork and a list of available community resources, 

Instead of a celebration she received a closed door as she instantly became homeless. 


Esther Manor is here for such a time as this

Esther Manor will be housing women that have aged out of foster care or are homeless. As part of our housing program they will be allowed to stay for up to 2 years. Our desire is to help them become the queen of their own life!

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